Professional wound care is critical for individuals dealing with diabetic wounds, surgical wounds, bedsores, and radiation sores. Without getting the right treatment, you could experience complications or infections. If you’re looking for a skilled nurse from reputable home care in Brooklyn, New York, you have to consider the following qualities:

  • Gentle Touch
    This is especially important for seniors with pressure sores or coping with post-operative surgery. A caregiver attending to the wound care needs of a client should have the combination of skill and gentleness or valuable knowledge and a light touch.

  • Strong Stomach
    Wounds have different types. Some are bleeding and some have an unpleasant smell. A hands-on home attendant in New York should be skilled to deliver regular wound care whatever type of wound or sore a client has.

  • Compassionate Heart
    Above all the characteristics of a wound care nurse, compassion should be given with utmost importance. Having sores or wounds is painful but having a gentle and compassionate care provider could alleviate the pain due to proper treatment.

To learn more about wound care and how it could be of help to you or your family member, please don’t hesitate to send us your inquiries. Our staff members here at Ideal Home Health are happy to answer your questions. You may also take advantage of CDPAP or Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program if you want to personally select your care provider. Contact us for details.