Things to Remember When Caring for Elderly Loved Ones

New York can get very cold in December. It’s best to make sure that you and your senior loved ones are ready to face icy conditions to avoid injury and other maladies. That is why today, Ideal Home Health, a professional provider for Home Care in Brooklyn, New York, is here to give you a list of tips to help seniors stay warm during the winter season.

  • Dress for the Weather.

    Make sure your loved ones have a good, thick jacket, a hat, a scarf, and earmuffs to fend off the cold while they’re inside and outside of their homes. People lose more body heat when their head or neck are left uncovered.

  • Waterproof Is the Way to Go.

    Especially when you just came from the outside and you walk into a warm room, the snow on your loved one’s jacket can easily melt. It can either seep into their clothes and make them feel colder or drip to the floor and increase their risk of falling and injury.

  • Nutrition Is Key.

    Keeping your loved one’s body weight in check is one way to naturally help them maintain body heat. Body fat helps contain heat in the body, helping seniors feel warmer during cool days.

  • Get the Necessary Assistance.

    Employing the help of a professional Home Attendant in New York is also one way you can effectively make sure your loved ones are kept safe during the winter season.

A Caregiver can assist your senior loved ones with just about anything, from bathing, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and clothing.

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