Stroke, more often than not, attacks like a thief during the night. You may not have an idea that you’re already having a stroke until it’s too late. What’s left to be done after is to live with the effects, which may include hiring a caregiver to help you and your family out with your special needs.

What exactly happens to the body when you’re experiencing a stroke? Why is it so damaging to the body, to the extent that some people lose their abilities to speak or to walk?

The cause of a stroke is an interruption in the blood supply of the brain. Now, the blood supplies oxygen to the entire body. The cells in our bodies use oxygen to break down glucose into energy. When all of the body’s cells receive oxygen, they all function optimally.

However, when the blood supply to the cells is interrupted, they will not be able to produce the needed energy. Without fuel, the affected cells will die within a few minutes.

Because stroke is caused by blood flow interruptions in the brain, several parts of the brain become damaged. When cells governing the body’s motor or speech abilities are damaged, the victim will experience loss of speech and the ability to walk.
If the damage from a stroke is not severe, there is still a chance to recover abilities through rehabilitation. Severe cases, however, could affect a person’s capability to live independently and will require a home attendant in New York.
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